Island strength, Island style phone cases

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We are 808 Shells, a company based in Maui, Hawaii that creates island-inspired cases for today's mobile devices. Our mission is to represent the many cultures of the Pacific by featuring Hawai‘i and Polynesian inspired designs created by Hawai‘i-based artists.

We currently sell Hawaii iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus cases, Hawaii iPhone 5/5s cases, Hawaii iPhone 4/4s cases, Hawaii Galaxy S5 cases, Hawaii Galaxy S4 cases, and Hawaii Galaxy S3 cases.

After a year of laying the groundwork for a successful launch, our company began shipping its first iPhone cases in January of 2012 with 3 designs; our Honu Shell, Polynesian Shell, and Gecko Shell. In May of 2012, we introduced 2 more Hawaii iPhone cases, and for the first time our aluminum iPhone cases were available in 5 different color options. Today we have phone cases with 6 aluminum color options and almost 2 dozen designs that were all created by artists living and working across Hawai‘i! We've also just begun a line of full-color prints with our Samsung Galaxy S5 and new iPhone 6 shells!

If you have questions, comments, or design/product suggestions, let us know by visiting the Contact Us page. Mahalo for visiting!